Thursday, September 26, 2013

Back in Bend!

Well that was a crazy adventure: 1000 miles of the pacific crest trail, an attempt at El Cap, a few music festivals, weddings, several more backpacking trips, alpine bouldering trips, and a move to Bend; I'd say this summer was a success! Any time I sleep under the stars more than in my own bed, throughout a summer, I think it is definitely time well spent. And for sure, I did not take nearly enough showers -  30-40 since April?

(Here is a little glimpse of our PCT hike)

After all that, here I am sitting in our little, basement bedroom, fresh off another back packing trip, writing about my summer fun and dreaming about the fall temps with my palms sweaty, ready to do some climbing! I have already scoped out a lot of the bouldering in Bend and made a few trips to Smith (getting my ass handed to me!!). I am ready to climb hard, work my weaknesses, and expand my climbing world. I have several projects to work on, the Portland Boulder Rally, several comps to set for, and another trip to Bishop on the horizon. Things are looking good and I'm glad to be back!

Getting back into it has been a little rough. I went on our annual/semi-annual Canyon Creek trip to do some bouldering - Also got my ass handed to me. I guess 4 months of walking doesn't prepare a person for powerful bouldering very well... Here is a video Jesse made of our most recent trip:

If this doesn't get you psyched, I don't know what will!?

As I said before, I'm looking forward to tearing it up this fall/winter! I hope I get to do a little of that with you guys this season. And remember, if you're trying to stay warm and cozy inside, you're missing all the good temps outside!! 

A few tips for winter climbing:
Hand warmers in the chalk bag
Thermos w/ soup or something warm
Down jacket

See you all out there! More to come on the happenings in Bend!