Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Castle CRAGS!

Hello everyone... Jen here! Believe it or not, I am writing a blog post. I know you all can't wait to hear about Joey's trip to Yosemite... but for now here's a little something to hold you over.  Last weekend Joey took Jurawa and I on our first multi pitch adventure... the classic Cosmic Wall route on Mt. Hubris in Castle Crags! Gorgeous day, amazing (long) hike, and a great first multi pitch... 

hiking up... Mt. Hubris on the left

Here we go... pitch 1

Pitch 2

Top of pitch 3

Pitch 4

Joey leading the way... literally...

and his captives follow...

We made it!

top of the world
beer in hand
it's all worth it

Yes, I wrote that inspirational poem just for all of you. Now... a big ol' thank you goes out to none other than Mr. Joseph Jannsen... for bringing us to infinity and beyond... He really is the best guide in town.

please :)

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